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When is the best time to begin a landscape design project?

JM Mento Landscaping works with clients year-round designing and renovating residential and commercial landscapes across the South Shore, Cape Cod, and Greater Boston Area. While there is no wrong time to begin thinking about your landscape remodel, the design process leading up to ground-breaking can take time. Installs take place until the ground freezes during the winter months, with most landscape design installations in Massachusetts taking place between March and December. For new lawns and plant jobs, the best time to schedule your project is during the autumn months (early September to early October).

What is the design process?

Our design process begins with an initial site meeting, followed by your design proposal. From here, you will receive an official design presentation before the project breaks ground. You can read more about our design process here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover through our online payment portal, as well as checks.

How can I schedule a consultation?

You can schedule your free consultation call with Joe by visiting the JM Mento Landscape Design contact page.

How long will my project take?

The duration of a landscape design remodel varies depending on the scope of your project.

What type of project budgets do you accept?

We work with a variety of different budgets, no matter how large or small the job!

What deposit is required to begin my project?

A third of your total project cost is due at signing of your contract. The balance is paid upon completion of the project.

Where can I find examples of your work?

For samples of landscape design and construction completed by JM Mento Landscape Design, please visit our gallery.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, JM Mento is fully insured and licensed. Our Certificate of Insurance can be viewed here.

How much does landscape design installation cost?

The cost of a landscape design remodel varies depending on the scope of your project.

What permits will I need?

The permits of a landscape design remodel varies depending on the scope of your project.

Do you offer design-only services?

JM Mento Landscape Design not only offers design services, but complete each landscape design remodel and install with a dedicated team of professional work crews.

What is your service area?

JM Mento Landscape Design proudly serves all of Massachusetts, with an emphasis on South Shore communities, the Greater Boston Area, and Cape Cod.

How many crew members can I expect at my property?

The staff of a landscape design remodel varies depending on the scope of your project.

Do you offer irrigation services?

Yes! For more on outdoor lighting services, visit the JM Mento services page.

What plant design/grading services do you offer?

We offer plant design, grading, loam/seeding, sod, and hydroseed. For further information, visit the JM Mento services page.

How long will my project take?

The length of the job all depends entirely on the design, material, and most of all, the job site conditions. Typically, a 300 square foot paver patio can be installed in one day, while worksites with limited accessibility can take longer. When a machine can not fit into a yard, and work needs to be done entirely by hand, it will take longer. Certain natural stone products take longer to install than segmental walls and pavers.

Are Permits needed for my work?

Building permits are typically required only if we are building a wall taller than 4ft high. Each town has its restrictions, and we always adhere to town bylaws.

How much will my landscape design cost?

A landscape design plan will cost anywhere from $700 - $1500. We credit back this cost if you hire JM Mento to do the installation.


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