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Create the perfect outdoor gathering space with a custom stone fire pit or fireplace.

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Fire Pit and Fireplace Installations

Fireplace Installation in Massachusetts is one of our most popular services and is a perfect addition to any landscape design

Our fire pits are modular units or built out of natural stone, while precast fire pits come with a steel insert. 

Affordable and durable, a fire pit allows your family the opportunity to spend more time outdoors as the temperatures drop or to enhance a summer night. Whether you’re staying warm by the fire or roasting marshmallows, a fire pit brings families together across Massachusetts.


Fire pit design and installation services

Fire Pit Design and Installation in Massachusetts

Installing a fire pit in your backyard is an easy and fun way to add ambiance and warmth, as well as incorporating an entertaining element. Our team takes care of every step of the fire pit installation process, from customizing the fire pit design to match your outdoor decor preferences, to arranging for adequate fire safety elements such as footings, fire brick linings and fire-resistant materials. 

We are passionate about delivering fire pits that not only meet but exceed all safety requirements by using the best construction practices. Our fire pits are crafted according to your ideas, with impressive attention to detail, giving you a unique piece of art that you can enjoy any time with friends and family.

Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is an essential backyard addition for those seeking more gathering opportunities to share with family and friends. The experience of sitting around the fire hours into the night, talking and laughing together, is something that can’t be replicated indoors. A fire pit instantly creates atmosphere, adding warmth and coziness that makes it difficult to leave the comfort of your own yard! Wood fire pits are also efficient heat sources when cold weather rolls in. 

Creating your own fire allows you to enjoy the evening outdoors without worrying about the elements or bills – plus, who doesn’t love making smores with their loved ones? An outdoor fire pit will surely add magic and memories to any home for generations.

Cozy nights outdoors with family and friends just became a reality! Stone fire pits are the perfect outdoor feature, providing warmth during chilly evenings while serving as both an entertainment focal point and cooking area. Their classic beauty adds unique charm to any backyard patio space – all these benefits in one durable design that’s guaranteed for years of enjoyment.

Designing the ideal outdoor living area with the perfect fire pit

Fire Pit Installers Near Me

Searching for fire pit installers near you? Look no further! With our team of professional fire pit installers, the fire pit of your dreams will become a reality. No matter what type you’d like, our trained installers are prepared to get the job done properly and quickly. Not only are they experienced and knowledgeable in fire safety measures, but they also take into consideration any special requests that you might have. We can guarantee high-quality results without breaking the bank. So don’t wait — contact us today!

Fireplace design and installation services in the South Shore Massachusetts

Outdoor Fireplace Design

Outdoor fireplaces can transform any outdoor space into an inviting and relaxing retreat. Building an outdoor fireplace is a creative way to provide more livable square footage to your home, enjoy the outdoors year-round and entertain small or large groups of family and friends. Outdoor fireplaces also lend a distinctly classic and timeless feeling that cannot be achieved by other features, such as patio furniture or barbeques. 

With so many features available for customizing an outdoor fireplace, you can easily create exactly what you envision with ease – from building a traditional stone hearth framed with iron or picking unique materials or shapes that best complement the style of your home. By investing in the right outdoor fireplace design, you are sure to enhance your lifestyle!

An outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to your outdoor patio

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are an increasingly popular way to bring an inviting, cozy ambiance to any patio or outdoor area. They offer the perfect centerpiece for a warm and peaceful gathering and provide hours of functional appeal with an elegant flair. 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional brick-and-mortar structure or something with more modern features, custom outdoor fireplaces are the ideal choice to create the look and feel of your dreams. From built-in seating areas to elaborate stone facades, these majestic elements provide a welcome addition that’s sure to impress while providing plenty of valuable warmth during cooler weather months. 

Outdoor Fire Pit and Fireplace Installation Contractors

Transform your outdoor space with JM Mento Landscape Design’s range of services! From stunning fire pits to custom-built fireplaces, our team will work closely with you to create the perfect solution for your home. For over 20 years we have been servicing homeowners on the South Shore Massachusetts – providing reliable and quality service that lasts. Make an impression on guests or simply add value and beauty to your property today by choosing us for all your landscape needs!

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Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplace FAQs

1. What are the benefits of having a professionally installed fire pit?

A professionally installed fire pit has several distinct benefits. It provides an inviting focal point to any outdoor gathering, as well as offers a spectacular light show. In addition, fire pits add significant property value, as they can be designed to match the existing landscape and architecture of your home or commercial space. Before installation, it is important to ensure that you have the right fire pit for your specific fire safety needs and local building codes. Our trained installers are masters at knowing what will – and what won’t – work. Ultimately, the right fire pit installation will create an inviting, safe atmosphere while perfectly complimenting the existing exterior look of your property.

2. How does the installation process work?

Hiring a professional fire pit installer may seem like an unnecessary expense, but having this job done properly is worth the investment. Professional fire pit installers will measure the area to get exact dimensions for your fire pit and accommodate any special requests you might have. They also know the building codes in your area and will be able to obtain any necessary permits needed. With proper fire pit installation, your backyard can remain beautiful, safe and functioning more efficiently than ever before. If you’re ready to take the plunge, hiring a professional fire pit installer is definitely the way to go!

3. What are some design considerations to keep in mind?

When considering fire pit installation, you need to think about the functionality and design of the fire pit. Where will you position it on your property – in a grassy area or on a paved patio? Will it be a circular fire pit, a fire table, or a fire bowl? It is essential to think through the fire features associated with your fire pit. Should the fire burn wood logs or use an alternative fuel such as gas? What styles are available and which one is best for your outdoor space? Additionally, do not forget to look into regulations and codes that pertain to fire pits in your particular locality before fire pit installation. A well-thought-out fire pit will ensure positive memories of cozy nights around the flame.

4. What are the benefits of having an outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace is an elegant and sensible addition to any outdoor space. Not only does it provide a cozy spot for outdoor gatherings, but it also adds a beautiful atmosphere to your outdoor area. This outdoor landscaping feature serves practical purposes too – you can use it to cook your meals or create a warm focal point for outdoor entertaining. Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even during cooler weather. Having an outdoor fireplace in your backyard enhances its ambience, extends outdoor time in the evenings, and creates a unique outdoor oasis that you and your family will love!

5. How do I design an outdoor fireplace that will complement my home's existing style?

An outdoor fireplace is an extension of the interior entertaining spaces of your home. It provides warmth, light and atmosphere to outdoor spaces, making outdoor evenings truly unforgettable. Whether your home embodies old-world charm or a contemporary vibe, the design of an outdoor fireplace can be designed to mirror that style. With careful planning, the end result will add a timeless design feature that everyone in the family can enjoy for years to come!

6. How do I choose the right design and size for my outdoor fireplace?

Start by exploring your outdoor space and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the style of my outdoor area? Is it modern or rustic?
  • Would I like my outdoor fireplace to stand out as a feature, or blend in with the environment?
  • How much space can I dedicate to the fireplace and the area around it?
  • Are there any limitations to this space due to permanent objects or systems, such as a septic system or the foundation of my home?

Once you answer these questions, it is easier to determine what type of outdoor fireplace is best suited for your home. 

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