Landscape Design Process

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The JM Mento Landscape Design process includes three phases to complete a successful landscape design project from the South Shore to Boston. Read more about our landscape design process below!

Initial Site Meeting

● Meet on site to discuss your landscape design remodel and overall landscape design process.
● Listen to your visions and understand any concerns you may have.
● Provide you with initial design options and ideas
● Discuss your landscape design project budget.
● Discuss materials you like and dislike, along with maintenance requirements.
● Obtain plot plan (survey plan) from client
● Measure property and take photos to create Sketch Plan

Design Proposal

● Detailed proposal sent to clients
● Proposal includes price, design specifications, design format, permit requirements, and type of design.
● Client then accepts the proposal and pays the job deposit. The deposit amount for your landscape design projects depends on project scope and total cost.



Design Presentation

● Completed landscape design is presented to client.
● We work with clients our to discuss possible modifications, landscape design ideas, or changes to your landscape design project.
● Provide clients with approximate pricing for work described.
● Provide clients with material quantities and samples.