Loam, Seeding & Sod Services

Bring your Lawn back to life

Do you know what type of soil to use when you plant your garden or lawn?

We are here to help.


Loam is soil that is balanced sand, silt, and clay and is the ideal option when planting garden plants. Loam naturally holds significant amounts of moisture while allowing for proper drainage.

Seeding is less expensive than sodding and provides strong root system development.

The best time to seed in Massachusetts is between April and May, and a steady watering schedule is necessary for root germination.
Sodding is the practice of taking slabs of grass grown on a sod farm and placing individual slabs over the soil in your garden.

While sod is an expensive option and requires some initial maintenance, it can be laid at any time during the growing season. Sodding is also an option for slopes or areas of your landscaping that are at risk for erosion.


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