7 Awesome Landscape Design Ideas to Make Over Your Yard

May 24, 2023

Summer is the perfect time to make changes to your backyard. Life moves outside during the summer and the backyard becomes an extension of your home. There’s no retreat you can get to quicker than your own backyard, so why not make it a more serene, welcoming spot? Creating a backyard paradise doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 7 landscape design ideas to makeover your backyard to create an oasis for you and your entire family.

Idea 1: Add Colorful Foliage

Flowers are great but foliage plants are great options for adding seasonal interest and texture to landscapes that may not have the ideal climate or soil conditions for flowers. Boxwood, begonia, and elephant’s ear, as well as sun-tolerant coleus are excellent choices for brightening up an outdoor area. Coleus come in a wide variety of vibrant colors, so you can mix and match to create an eye-catching composition that is sure to impress. The best part is that when the weather cools off, these plants will still be able to thrive and provide color even after other blooming plants have faded away. 

Idea 2: Add Scent

To add another dimension to your yard, consider adding plants with appealing scents. Foxglove is a great choice for fragrance and height. It can reach up to four feet tall and releases a subtle scent when blooming. Lavender is another excellent option, as it is beautiful and easy to care for while also having an amazing fragrance. Hydrangeas produce fragrant blooms throughout the summer, adding pops of color and delightful aromas to your garden. Sweet alyssum is a low spreading plant that gives off a sweet fragrance when in bloom. All of these plants are easy to grow and maintain while providing amazing fragrance and beauty to your garden. 

Idea 3: Add Native Plants

The use of native plants is another great way to create an eco-friendly space and help the environment. Native species are more likely to thrive when planted in their natural habitat and require less care. Additionally, they’re more resistant to disease and pests, which can save you time and money in the long run.

Idea 4: Invite Wildlife

Invite birds, bees, and butterflies to your yard. By planting the right flowers, adding birdhouses, feeders and nesting boxes you can easily make your outdoor space more inviting for wildlife. This not only gives your garden added character, but it also provides natural pest control. Introduce more animals to your landscape and watch nature come alive! 

Idea 5: Add Outdoor Lightning

Outdoor lighting can create the perfect mood for nighttime entertaining or just relaxing after dark. Several types of lighting are available, from string lights to tiki torches, and are relatively easy to install. A professional landscape design company can also help with adding outdoor lighting as well. Landscape lighting can be used to create different types of aesthetic effects. You can use spotlights to bring attention to your favorite plants or add a touch of romanticism with decorative lanterns. Additionally, you could use floodlights for added brightness and wall wash lights to create a sense of depth in your landscape. With landscape lighting, the possibilities are endless!

Outdoor lighting helps create the perfect landscape design mood for after-dark relaxing

Idea 6: Add an Outdoor Water Feature

A water feature can also instantly transform any backyard into a relaxing spot for entertaining. A small fountain, pond, or birdbath can add a tranquil feel to your outdoor space. You can find ready-made kits that make installation a snap, or for more elaborate designs hire a professional landscape design company to create and install a water feature.  

Idea 7: Add a Firepit

Sitting around a cozy fire is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends, so why not make it part of your backyard retreat? There are plenty of options for fire pits that vary in size and price range. A landscape design company can design and install a custom fire pit or fireplace that will be the showpiece of your yard. Choose one that fits your budget and space, then add some comfortable seating to enjoy the warmth.
Whatever your budget may be, there are plenty of landscape design options that can add character and appeal to your backyard. With a little bit of planning and research, you can create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space perfect for entertaining, relaxing, or just enjoying nature. JM Mento Landscape Design can help you create your own backyard paradise – landscaping, water features, firepits, and more. Contact us today or call 617-655-7659 for a free consultation.  

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