Will In-Ground Pool Installation Increase the Value of My Home?

Dec 7, 2020

Many factors can influence the decision to move forward with in-ground pool installation.

Will my family use the pool often?

Is in-ground pool cleaning and care worth the hassle? 

How much does in-ground pool installation cost

Will installing an in-ground pool increase the value of my home?

While all these questions require an answer, the last question is the one we receive most from homeowners in Massachusetts exploring in-ground pool installation. Homeowners from Newton to Yarmouth want to know – will this investment pay itself off through increased property value, or is the investment simply more of a hassle?

In-ground pool in backyard of a residential home on a sunny day

In-ground Pool Installation – How Much Does it Cost?

First, let’s address the elephant in the room because in-ground pool installation isn’t free!

The cost of in-ground pool installation is dependent on a few key factors:

1. The size and shape of the pool

Nothing too surprising here – the bigger the pool, the higher the cost.

2. The type of pool (concrete/vinyl/fiberglass)

The type of pool you choose will be one of the main factors when it comes to pricing. A concrete pool is expensive but also long-lasting and durable.

If your budget is a bit lower, many homeowners in Massachusetts turn to a fiberglass pool or vinyl pool! Fiberglass is durable and easy to install, while vinyl is the most customizable option available. 

3. Ground conditions

Ground conditions and elevations may impact the cost of your in-ground pool installation in Massachusetts. If your backyard is on uneven elevation you may need to consider a retaining wall. While this will result in higher outdoor living project costs, retaining walls are another great way to enhance your existing landscape and increase the value of your home

4. Pumps and electrical systems

Before your landscape designer and their team can break ground on your in-ground pool installation project, you may need to contact the utility company to obtain a map of your electrical systems to ensure no lines are disturbed. Both your electrical and plumbing will need to be run to the pool to complete the installation process.

5. Permits

A building permit is required to install an in-ground pool in the State of Massachusetts, though the laws may vary town-to-town. Visit your local government website for more information regarding the required permits. 

Once all of the above factors are considered, your landscape designer will be able to provide you with an estimate for the in-ground pool installation. While each landscape design project is unique in its own right, the average cost of in-ground pool installation in 2020 ranges anywhere from $36,658 and $66,494. 

Homeowners in Massachusetts considering in-ground pool installation will also need to prepare for the maintenance that comes with owning a pool – the costs can continue to build up once the installation is complete. 

On average, Massachusetts homeowners will invest between $1,200 – $1,800 a year for the routine pool maintenance, in addition to increased utility costs and potential repairs.

Will Installing an In-Ground Pool Increase the Value of My Home?

Listen, I wish I could tell you that having an in-ground pool installed will increase the value of your home, but the truth is – it may not. 

The initial cost of in-ground pool installation is steep, and the investment doesn’t stop there. Homeowners will need to buy supplies and chemicals to maintain the cleanliness of the pool, and energy use alone will increase your monthly utility bills. 

An in-ground pool may increase the value of your home, depending on the area in which you are selling. For example, lower or middle-class properties with a swimming pool may struggle to find a buyer willing to take on the costs that come with having an in-ground pool. However, higher-end neighborhoods may find the in-ground pool works in their favor when it comes time to sell. 

Should I Have an In-ground Pool Installed?

The truth is – in-ground pools make a great addition to any home, but the maintenance they require is not necessarily something a new homeowner would feel eager to take on. 

If you plan to stay in your home for the next several decades, or even for the rest of your life, an in-ground pool is a sound investment and a great addition to backyard landscape design in Massachusetts, and there are many other benefits when installing an in-ground pool.

  • Increased time outdoors with your family
  • Aquatic therapy or exercise
  • ‘Staycation’ atmosphere
  • The perfect reason to stay home
  • Stress relief

To learn more about inground pool installation, visit the JM Mento Landscape Design Services page, and schedule a free consultation today!

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