How Affordable is Flagstone Paver Installation in Massachusetts?

Dec 22, 2020

Flagstone paver installation is a common choice with Massachusetts homeowners, but how much does it cost? Are flagstone pavers a worthwhile investment?

What are Flagstone Pavers?

Flagstone pavers are one of the most popular stones used in paver installation in New England and most commonly used in residential applications like patios, walkways, or driveways. 

Specifically, flagstone pavers are made of flat slabs of natural stone made of slate, limestone, or sandstone. Additionally, flagstone pavers offer homeowners across the South Shore and Greater Boston Area the opportunity to be creative in their design and landscape design vision. Flagstone pavers are available in many colors and can be installed in a diverse set of patterns and unique shapes.

What are the Pros and Cons of Flagstone Paver Installation?


  • Flagstone pavers are durable and can last for centuries.
  • Flagstone pavers are easy to install
  • Flagstone stands up well in extreme climates.
  • Flagstone is easy to maintain and does not require a lot of maintenance. 


While there are far more reasons to invest in flagstone paver installation, there are a couple of cons that homeowners should be wary of before investing. 

  • Though flagstone paver installation is considered relatively simple, it is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. 
  • Flagstone is durable, meaning it’s also quite heavy to move around. Hiring a landscape design company to complete the flagstone paver installation is recommended for this reason.
  • On a scorching New England day, flagstone can become very hot to the touch. Flagstone is also known to become slippery on a rainy day. 
Patio pavers installed into residential landscape design in Massachusetts

How Much Does Flagstone Paver Installation Cost?

The cost of flagstone paver installation depends on a variety of factors.

  1. Project type
  2. Conditions of your existing landscape design
  3. Access
  4. Demolition
  5. Debris removal
  6. Soil conditions
  7. Excavation depth

Flagstone paver installation can be extremely affordable when installed in a narrow walkway or small backyard patio. However, the cost will increase for larger projects like a full driveway, large backyard patio, or pool deck paver installation. 

Additionally, each job site has unique conditions that may not be comparable to previous projects. If your backyard has poor access, larger equipment may not be able to be used. 

If conditions in your yard are perfect, then you can look forward to a relatively smooth and affordable flagstone paver installation process. If your yard is in poor condition, this may result in increased costs.

Is Flagstone Paver Installation Worth the Investment?

The answer to this question depends on the budget and circumstances of each individual homeowner. While the investment may make sense to a family in Boston with a small backyard, the same may not be said about a family in Sudbury with a large landscape design area to fill.

pool deck pavers and an in-ground pool outside of a large New England home on a sunny day

If you are planning to sell your home in the near or distant future, flagstone paver installation can increase the value of your home and put money back in your pocket. Additionally, paving stones for your pool deck, walkway, driveway, or patio remodel are a surefire way to update your landscape design and enhance curb-appeal. 

Flagstone paver installation may not be right for everyone. There are many types of pavers homeowners in Massachusetts can choose from for their landscape design remodel that offer as many benefits as flagstone.

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