How Much Does Cobblestone Paver Installation Cost?

Dec 14, 2020

Cobblestone paver installation is highly-sought in landscape design, but is it affordable for the majority of homeowners in Massachusetts?

Our love affair with cobblestone dates back centuries to early Italy but is found in the streets of Boston and other communities across Massachusetts and the world.

Cobblestone pavers have become increasingly popular in residential landscape design. More homeowners from Newton to Chatham are exploring cobblestone paver installation as an option for their landscape design remodel. 

What is it that we love so much about cobblestone? Is it the old-world European aesthetic? The durability and elegance? There are many reasons to love cobblestone pavers, but how much does cobblestone paver installation cost?

Before we break down the cost of cobblestone paver installation, let’s review the benefits of cobblestone for your landscape design remodel.

What Are the Benefits of Cobblestone Paver Installation?

cobblestone paver installation with different color paving stones

Cobblestone paver installation may not be right for everyone, but there are benefits to choosing this classic paver aesthetic for your next landscape design remodel. 

  • Extremely durable – will remain intact for decades, if not centuries!
  • Cobblestone pavers increase the value of your home.
  • Include the highly desired “old-world” aesthetic.
  • Water permeable-surface

Of course, with the benefits come some disadvantages. Cobblestone paver installation is labor-intensive and time-consuming. This means it’s necessary to work with an experienced landscape designer who is familiar with the process and has a capable team.

Additionally, cobblestone pavers for the driveway may not work well during a Massachusetts winter. Homeowners may find that snow removal becomes more challenging on a rough and uneven surface like cobblestone. For this reason, cobblestone paver installation works best on surfaces that do not require frequent snow removal, like a backyard patio or walkway. 

If snow removal is a concern, homeowners in Massachusetts may consider another type of paver for their landscape design remodel. 

How Much Does Cobblestone Paver Installation Cost?

Cobblestone pavers are one of the most expensive paver materials available to homeowners in Massachusetts. The average cost of a cobblestone paver installation depends on the scope of your project. Cobblestone pavers generally cost between $10 – $20 per square foot. The total price for homeowners depends on a variety of other factors, including the complexity of the job and if any additional landscaping services are required to prepare the installation area. 

Is Cobblestone Paver Installation Suitable for All Applications?

Cobblestone paver installation is suitable for driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks. However, your geographic location may impact where you want those cobblestone pavers.

The snow removal process on cobblestone is quite challenging. In Massachusetts and other cold-weather environments, homeowners may find a cobblestone driveway more of a hassle during the winter months. 

Cobblestone paver installation for your landscape design project is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be made lightly. By following our simple checklist (see below), homeowners can effectively determine if cobblestone is the right choice for patio, driveway, pool deck, or walkway paver installation.

  1. What is my budget, and is it flexible?
  2. What paver style do I like most?
  3. Do I want a paver that allows for easy snow removal?
  4. Is an increase in property value important to me? Do I plan to sell my home in the future?
  5. Am I okay with some weed growth between each paver?

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