3 Great Ways to Make the Most of Your Landscape Design in Boston

Nov 27, 2020

Tips for homeowners on how to make the most of your landscape design in Boston!

Landscape Design in Boston is a bit of an anomaly. 

Homeowners in Boston and other big cities face a unique challenge when it comes to landscape design. Specifically, homeowners in the North End, Seaport, Beacon Hill, and other sectors of Historic Boston are challenged with optimizing a small outdoor living space that serves as a backyard haven, even with the hustle and bustle of daily city life.

If you live in a city like Boston, you’re likely familiar with this challenge. The great news is there are many ways homeowners in Boston can obtain an intimate outdoor living space.

landscape design in boston featuring brick patio pavers

Landscape Design Tips for Homeowners in Boston

Luxurious and cozy landscape design in Boston is achievable, even when size may seem like a limiting factor.

Boston-area homeowners have the 14th smallest lots in the country, with the average Boston backyard measuring in at 4,918 square feet. If you’re a resident of Downtown Boston or the North End, your backyard landscape is likely much smaller. 

Landscape designers in Boston are exploring new, trendy ways to optimize the small outdoor living spaces for city-based homeowners. No longer is an oversized backyard required to have the landscape design of your dreams.

Patio Pavers & Walkway Pavers

Paver installation is a simple and elegant way to enhance your backyard without taking away any of your limited outdoor living space. 

Patio pavers will provide you with a durable, beautiful, and elegant surface that may help increase the value of your Boston-based home. Pavers are sustainable and eco-friendly, and when enhanced with patio furniture and a fire pit, serve as a great gathering spot to entertain family and friends.

Landscape/Plant Design

Landscape design in Boston isn’t just in-ground pools and elaborate outdoor kitchens. Many homeowners in Boston opt for a landscape design centered around natural elements like plant design, loam/seeding, and even artificial grass installation

City life is often loud and chaotic, but with a serene backyard garden filled with hydrangeas and other local plants, lush artificial grass, and perhaps even a stone garden wall, you will never want to leave your backyard haven.

Splash Pool

Your Boston backyard may not have space for a giant in-ground pool, but splash pools offer relief during a hot New England summer and spice up your urban outdoor living space. 

A splash pool can be as small as 4×4 feet, making it the perfect addition to even the smallest backyard in Boston. 

What is the Key to a Successful Outdoor Living Project?

HIgh-quality and elegant landscape design are not synonymous with acres and acres of land. A beautiful outdoor living space consisting of patio pavers, plant design, a fire pit, and more, can be achieved. 

The keys to a successful outdoor living project are simple:

  1. Make sure to find the right landscape design contractor for YOU
  2. Have an honest conversation about your needs, vision, and budget
  3. Review your design plan with your landscape design contractor 
  4. Prepare yourself for potential challenges or obstacles
  5. Communicate and problem-solve together
  6. You cannot plan out every detail. Client flexibility and contractor creativity are crucial
  7. Ensure that the completed landscape design project is something you love!

To learn more about landscape design in Boston, visit the JM Mento Landscape Design Services page and schedule a free consultation today!
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