Why is Growing Grass So Hard, and Are There Other Options?

Mar 1, 2021

Is there anything more frustrating than a lawn that growing grass, only for it to die and brown in a matter of days?

Growing grass in the temperamental New England environment can be challenging and frustrating, particularly during the drought season. In a matter of days, homeowners can see their beautiful lawn die, only to spend the next several weeks or months trying to heal the grass back to its former glory.

Before considering drastic options, we always recommend homeowners speak to a landscape designer about loam, seeding, and sod, as this is often a significant first step toward achieving a healthy grass lawn. However, if you’ve already tried this option and nothing seems to help, some alternatives can help you achieve your landscape design goals. 

Irrigation system spraying water over green grass

Should I Have an Irrigation System Installed?

An irrigation system allows for automatic water application, which helps conserve water, ensuring your lawn isn’t overwatered and makes growing grass much easier. While the cost to install an irrigation system is an investment, Massachusetts residents save on monthly water costs, effectively paying off irrigation system installation over time. An irrigation system will also increase the value of your home and can help keep your lawn fresh and lush all spring and summer.

According to Home Advisor, installing an irrigation system ranges from $1,916 to $3,332. The national average cost to install an irrigation system is $2,613.

There are a variety of factors that affect the price when installing an irrigation system, including:

  1. The size of your property
  2. Site conditions
  3. Landscape slope
  4. Quality of parts
  5. The type of irrigation system
  6. System upgrades

You can learn more about the factors that impact the price of irrigation installation here

artificial grass lawn for urban landscape design

Should I Have Artificial Grass Installed Instead?

Artificial grass offers many perks and does eliminate the stress of having to maintain a high-maintenance grass lawn. If you have exhausted yourself growing grass and trying to maintain a healthy lawn made up of real grass, then artificial grass installation may be the best option.

Can You Increase Home Value with Artificial Grass?

There are many reasons artificial grass installation is a worthwhile investment, but one of the most intriguing reasons for homeowners is that you can increase home value with artificial grass.

Artificial grass installation is one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your home and keeps your lawn looking lush all year round. Not only will this increase home value for the seller, but the buyer will have peace of mind knowing that lawn maintenance, water usage, and other utility costs will drop drastically due to the low-maintenance nature of artificial grass. 

What Are Other Benefits of Artificial Grass?

Improved Lawn Health

Are you sick of backyard rodents and pets digging holes in your lawn, or have you spent thousands of dollars to maintain a green, lush lawn, only for a drought to dry it out? Artificial grass eliminates these issues, ensuring a healthy property for years to come.

Water Conservation

Watering the lawn is a think of the past with artificial grass, resulting in a drastic decrease in monthly water usage and utility costs. Additionally, this is also an excellent way for homeowners in Massachusetts to reduce their carbon footprint and do something positive for the environment!

Pet Friendly

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of artificial grass is it’s pet-friendly!

Artificial grass installation for Massachusetts homeowners with dogs means no more digging, no more muddy paw prints, and no mess. 

Weeds & Pests

With artificial grass, pesticides are a thing of the past. Weeds cannot grow in artificial grass, and pests cannot survive in the environment, leading to a pest-free outdoor living space. 

No Weekend Maintenance

Artificial grass installation is a perfect example of a landscape design investment that pays itself off over time. 

With artificial grass, homeowners from Duxbury to Newton no longer need to worry about mowing the lawn, watering grass, or any other routine maintenance type.

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