Landscape Design Style Trends for 2021

Dec 17, 2020

Landscape design style trends for 2021 are here!

It may be winter here in New England, but we’re already looking ahead to what landscape design style trends await in the New Year. 

Landscape design style trends aren’t limited to a fire pit here or a stone wall there. In reality, landscape style is an overall aesthetic based on cultural, regional, and lifestyle trends around the world.

Japanese Aesthetic

Japanese garden landscape design style trend

This popular aesthetic is defined by characteristics of peace, harmony, and nature, growing in popularity over the last several years.

Key elements of this landscape design style trend are rocks, water, stones, and Japanese inspired plants. The aesthetic is most commonly paired with similar architectural styles, meaning a Japanese inspired backyard may not complement a traditional New England-style home. That said, homeowners in Massachusetts have used this style to section off small portions of their landscape design to create small Japanese gardens. 


Minimalism backyard landscape design style trend

Minimalism is a growing trend in landscape design and other parts of our day-to-day lives. For this landscape design style trend, less is more.

Most often used in the landscape design of modern architecture, minimalism seeks to create one open area. This landscape design style trend seamlessly blends the green space in your yard with your outdoor living area. 

This aesthetic is characterized by outdoor kitchens, gazebos, open concept patios, and fire pits designed in simple geometric shapes. 

Classic New England

Classic New England landscape design style trend

The classic New England style isn’t a trend but a lasting landscape design concept that stands the test of time each year. 

New England landscape design commonly includes evergreen shrubs, lush lawns, and a lot of green! White picket fencing and cobblestone pavers are other components of this landscape design aesthetic.

What landscape design style trend is your favorite? 

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