Smart, Easy Ideas for Your New England Landscape Design

Jan 18, 2021

Beautiful New England landscape design can be achieved affordably and with great results!

New England landscape design is always changing due to the…you guessed it…always-changing landscape and weather in Massachusetts and across the Northeast.

Famous for vibrant fall foliage and rolling hills, many homeowners in New England suffer regional challenges like backyard landscapes on uneven terrain and weather changes on a whim, often without notice. New England landscape design requires a different strategy from other parts of the world, forcing homeowners to take the changing seasons into account before moving forward with a landscape design project.

However, New England landscape design does not have to be stressful, and homeowners from Cambridge to Falmouth can create a beautiful residential landscape without feeling confined to weather or other limitations.

Ideas for Your New England Landscape Design

outdoor lighting landscape design trends in 2021

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a landscape design trend that stands the test of time. There are many outdoor lighting ideas and options for homeowners from Brookline to Holbrook to choose from, all of which will give your New England landscape design and outdoor living area a boost in ambiance and will have you spending all of your free time outside.

Popular outdoor lighting aesthetic include:

  • Pathway/walkway lighting
  • Outdoor string lighting
  • Outdoor wall lighting
  • Lanterns
  • Deck lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Up-lighting
gardener trimming bushes and doing plant design

Plant Design

Plant design is the perfect opportunity for homeowners in Massachusetts to get creative with their New England landscape design. Plant design includes the increasingly popular vertical gardening trend, where plants are grown vertically on suspended panels. 

The plant design also includes grading or the process of leveling the surface within your New England landscape design before a plant design project begins. Most grading projects take just a few days to complete, depending on the land area’s size.

Plant design services really depend on your unique taste and style, though landscape designers in Massachusetts agree that certain plants thrive better in the harsh New England environment.

Using a combination of evergreens with flowering shrubs, ornamental trees, and perennials, we recommend the following plants for plant design from Plymouth to Sudbury!

  1. Hydrangea “limelight.”
  2. Inkberry “shamrock.”
  3. Daylily “happy returns.”
  4. Miscanthus “morning light.”
  5. Knockout Roses
  6. Kousa Dogwood
  7. PJM Rhododendron
  8. Hamelin Grass
  9. Butterfly Bush
  10. Hydrangea “endless summer.”

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a structure that holds or retains soil behind it, adding a beautiful element to your existing New England landscape design. Retaining walls are a common addition to a plant design project and are available in three-stone types:

• Poured concrete

• Concrete blocks

• Rocks or boulders

Retaining walls can be durable and long-lasting (depending on the material you choose), offers an elegant aesthetic, and increases property value.

stone wall installation outside a home in Massachusetts

Stone Walls

So what is the purpose of a stone wall? A stone wall is used as a garden wall, an elegant wall lining a driveway or walkway, or to shore up slopes. The stone wall is another common addition to a landscape design remodel that includes plant design.

Stone walls are a modern landscape design technique and among the most popular landscape design trends worldwide.

While retaining walls generally serve a practical purpose, stone walls are freestanding and self-supporting and installed to enhance aesthetics and curb appeal.

Paving Stones

Paving stones are durable, elegant, increase property value, and work well with New England landscape design. Best of all, they can be installed in a variety of different shapes, colors, and patterns to your driveway, walkway, patio, or pool deck. 

There is a paving stone perfect for each project, and best of all, pavers require little to no maintenance!

Courtstone paver by Unilock

To learn more about New England landscape design, visit the JM Mento Landscape Design Services page and schedule a free consultation today! 

Check out our gallery for newly completed landscape design projects, and get inspired for your next landscape design remodel!

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